Young sets the record, No. 2 Bama tops No. 21 in Arkansas 42-35

Young sets the record, No. 2 Bama tops No. 21 in Arkansas 42-35

Tuscaloosa, Ala. – Bryce Young passed a school record 559 yards and five touchdowns and earned Alabama No. 2 a place in the Southeast Conference championship game with a 42-35 win Saturday over No. 21 Arkansas.

The Crimson Tide (10-1, 7-1, No. 2 CFP) won their 15th straight game against the Razorbacks (7-4, 3-4), thanks in large part to Young-to-Jameson Williams’ deep relationship That still continues to be the ultimate offensive rescue plan.

Alabama set a date with Georgia No. 1 in Atlanta on December 4 after a visit to rival Auburn.

“We left a lot of points on the board where we could have kept the game away,” said Tide coach Nick Saban. “And defensively we gave up a couple of big games but the important thing is that they were like 10 out of 19 in third and fourth, so when we had opportunities to get off the field, we didn’t go out.”

This wasn’t settled until the Arkansas side kick went out of bounds with 1:2 left.


The Razorbacks survived with Rahim Sanders catching 17 yards off KJ Jefferson, but it took nearly five minutes to get there.

Young completed 31 of 40 passes to keep himself straight in the Heisman Trophy, hitting Williams for a perfect 79-yard shot in double coverage and turning the ball over to Christian Leary for another touchdown when he looked set to run.

It was the second most pass yard in the SEC, behind Mississippi’s KJ Costello, who threw for 623 yards against LSU last season.

Williams had eight passes for 190 yards with touchdowns of 79, 32 and 40 yards.

“I feel like we’re executing the play as it’s called very well, and it just so happens,” Williams said of deep relationships.

John Mitchie also gained 173 yards in 10 touchdowns. Brian Robinson of Alabama ran for 122 yards on 27 buggies.

The playoff was Young’s 40-yard point to Williams in the finish area in third and 10. It was reviewed to see if Williams had caught the ball as he touched down, and replay officials backed the call to rest the Bryant Denny Stadium crowd.


That left Jefferson and Arkansas needing two scores in the final 5:39, but they only made one.

Jefferson completed 22 of 30 passes for 326 yards and three touchdowns. Much of that damage was done by Treylon Burks, who caught the eight for 179 yards and a pair of dozens.

It gave Alabama double-digit wins for the 14th consecutive season, matching the Florida State FBS record set from 1987 to 2000.

Young broke the school’s 484-yard mark set by Scott Hunter against Auburn in 1969, topping it by 11 minutes to play.

take away

Arkansas has come a long way since it has dominated its last five encounters with Alabama, averaging 34.4 points. Jefferson made a big game but the defense had no answer for Young & Co. A fake field goal also went down in the fourth quarter.

Alabama still looks more unbeatable than last year’s National Championship team. Sure, the tides hit 671 yards but they also allowed 468. Alabama also lost a goal-line confusion on the fourth and gave up a sack to go out of range of a late goal.


opinion poll

It looks like Alabama will be ranked second in the AP Poll and College Football Rankings. The Razorbacks are good bets to fall off the top 25 after a one-week comeback.

Fake Field Target

The Razorbacks pulled into the inside 34-28 early in the fourth quarter with a mock field goal. Holder Red Power’s jump pass to a tight end Blake Kern went for 32 yards after two false starting kicks appeared to hamper the drive.

“We were trying to cover up the guy and we met up with the official,” Saban said. “They ran a fake field goal against LSU last week so we really worked against it and called up the defense we wanted against it.”

Anderson game

And Alabama midfielder Will Anderson Jr. rushed to 11 tackles, a sack, and two quarterbacks. Anderson came to lead the nation in sacks and deals with the loss.

the following

Arkansas: Regular season closes Friday against Missouri.

Alabama: in the rival state of Auburn, the iron state.



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