The Bolles are ready for another Thanksgiving Day soccer practice

The Bolles are ready for another Thanksgiving Day soccer practice

Jacksonville, Florida. Thanksgiving training is one of the benchmarks for a successful high school soccer season.

Bolles has a lot of experience with this.

This marks the Bulldogs’ fourth consecutive season to reach the turkey week game, and they are one of only six teams in News4Jax’s Florida and Georgia coverage areas to reach the third round of the playoffs.

Baker County, Ness, Pierce County, Trinity Christian, and Union County are the other countries that are still going strong.

The second-seeded Bulls (7-2) travel to face top seed South Walton (10-1) in the 1-4A District Final Friday night.

Coach Matt Toplin said it’s not only important for current players to participate in it, but just as important to the school’s former alumni base.

“No, it’s a big deal. And it’s not just a big deal for our kids. It’s a big deal for our graduates. I know how special it is and how excited they are, because … our recent graduates and our graduates who go back decades or get a chance to come back so we can thank them for the program Which they built and put us in the position we are today.”


It was a strange end to the season for the Bulldogs.

The Atlanta Marist dropped out of their week seven game against the Bulldogs, and the Bulls had a week 8 goodbye. She returned by dropping regular season games against Gainesville Buchholz and TRU Prep Academy in Weeks 9 and 10, respectively. Daytona Beach Mainland, its Week 11 competitor, chose not to play at the end of the regular season due to impending weather.

With a playoff in the opening round, this meant that last week’s win over Gadsden County was the Police’s first since October 29.

“We played three games in seven weeks. So we actually treat it again like we just got out of camp,” Toplin said. “So hopefully the biggest improvement you make is between week one and week two. Therefore, we treat the past week as if it were the first week. And so our biggest leap as a team has to be this week, as we correct all the mistakes we made last week. And so, we hope to make some big leaps in terms of implementation.”


On paper, a trip to South Walton in the Panhandle will be a test of Bolles’ defense. The Seahawks average 42.2 points per game. The Bulldogs have given up only 73 points on the defensive side of the ball this season (8.1 points per inch).

The two teams last met in the 2019 state qualifiers in the city. Paul crushed South Walton, 62-6.

“South Walton has a very good attack, but I mean we’re also on the defensive side well for the ball, so I think it’s going to be a good game for us,” said Bulls defensive line Bradley Mann.

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