Ridder does everything for Cincinnati No. 3 in defeating SMU

Ridder does everything for Cincinnati No. 3 in defeating SMU

Cincinnati Desmond Ryder threw three touchdown passes, ran for another hit, and even got a TD pass to help Cincinnati No. 3 pass SMU 48-14 on Saturday.

Alec Pierce had a pair of TD catches for the Bearcats (11-0, 7-0 American Athletic). They extended their second longest home winning streak to 26 games and kept their hopes alive of becoming the first non-Power 5 team to reach College Football Playoff.

“We were waiting to play that whole game,” said Beerkats coach Luc Weckel. “We challenged them before the match and again in the first half. They went up and were executed.”

SMU (8-3, 4-3) managed 199 attacking yards after averaging 498 over their first 10 games. Taner Mordechai, the attacking player last week for the fourth time this season, only passed 63 yards and was sacked three times.

“They lined up and whipped us really well,” said SMU coach Sonny Dykes. “When that happens it is up to everyone. We need better training. We have to play better. But I give them a lot of credit. Cincinnati looked like a top three team, the play-off team. They definitely made a statement tonight.”


It was a definite start to the Bearcats game. After Cincinnati forced the SMU to play on their first possession, Ridder found Tyler Scott wide open for a scoring pass from 53 yards in the first game of the melee.

“This play was written the night before,” said Reeder, who ran for 274 yards. “I knew I was throwing into the position and saw Tyler running wide open.”

After a kick that was partially blocked by Wilson Hooper, Bearkats took charge at SMU 25 and made Jerome Ford’s 4-yard run 14-0 with 5:32 remaining in the first quarter.

“We only had one chance earlier in the game, so we wanted to go after it,” Hooper said. “I managed to pierce the armor and put my hands on it.”

Ford had 20 holders for 82 yards and touchdowns after missing a game through injury.

After a bump ended a promising campaign for the Mustang, Ryder scored on the 40-yard guard for fourth and 1st to make it 20-0 in the second quarter.


Alec Pierce picked up a 17-yard touch pass from Ryder and the Bearkats led 27-0 at the end of the first half. Pierce had two TD catches.

Cincinnati’s lead at the end of the first half would have been greater had it not been for a missed attempt from extra points and two missed field goal attempts, one of which was blocked.

Bearkat forced six times in the first half.

“We went out and did everything,” said linebacker Curtis Brooks, who owned two mobiles. “A great match plan from the coaches. We wanted to go out and have some fun.”

receiver rider

The play was included in the Cincinnati playbook throughout Reeder’s career, but as of Saturday night, it had not been used. When the call was made, he didn’t even know it was coming. “I’m not sure I would have done that,” he said. But it executed perfectly on the Bearcats’ first acquisition in the third quarter when Ford took a delivery from Ridder and then flipped to Jordan Jones who then passed to Ridder in the end zone for a 5 yard drop. “We’ve had this play for four or five years now,” Reeder said. “I told the coaches that my hands were certified. I was glad they let it in on graduation night.”


take away

SMU: The Mustang was without injured receiver Danny Gray who has 803 yards and nine TDs this season, averaging just 3.5 yards per game. “They haven’t done anything we haven’t seen yet,” Dykes said. “They didn’t do anything sneaky. They supported us early on. Gambler was banned. This hasn’t happened to us in years.”

Cincinnati: Two consecutive losses dropped SMU from the Top 25 and took some shine from the Bearcats, who needed a remarkable league win to clinch the win alongside Notre Dame. But a few Saturday style points can’t hurt. “Coach Vic is always telling us to keep the blinds lit,” said Trey Tucker, Bearcats recipient. “I have friends and family, but honestly, we know what we can do.”

The repercussions of the opinion poll

Cincinnati slipped one place to third in the poll this week, but more importantly it climbed to fifth in the college football rankings to stay in the hunt.


the following:

SMU: Tulsa hosts on Saturday.

Cincinnati: In East Carolina on Friday.

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