Patriots choke Falcons 25-0 for fifth straight win

Patriots choke Falcons 25-0 for fifth straight win

Atlanta – McJones threw a 19-yard scoring pass to Nelson Agulor for the game’s only offensive touchdown and Kyle Van Noy and the New England defense took over the rest, beating the Atlanta Falcons 25-0 Thursday night for a fifth straight Patriots win.

New England (7-4) weren’t nearly as dominant as they were four days ago, when the Patriots overpowered the Browns 45-7, but they were more than good enough against a weak attack by the Hawks who scored almost no touchdown. Nine quarters.

Atlanta (4-6) is closed for the first time since a 38-0 loss to Carolina on December 13, 2015.

It was Matt Ryan article four times it was I objected twice, ending another miserable performance – this one in prime time – after posting the lowest rating to pass his career in a 43-3 defeat by the Dallas Cowboys last weekend.


Nick Falk has shot field goals 32, 44, 53 and 33 yards.

He led the Patriots 76ers in seven plays to touch down early in the second quarter.

Damien Harris did most of the dirty work, running four times for 34 yards and pulling in the 9-yard lane, ahead of Agulor open the middle Against the broken coverage, she was pulled in a pass from Jones and sprinted into the end zone.

Van Noy had Kisan and capped a superb defensive performance with a 35-yard interception return for the touchdown from Falcons backup QB Josh Rosen.

Atlanta’s only chance to make this game came after AJ Terrell’s return to intercept for 35 yards ignited a campaign that reached New England 16 in the final minute of the third quarter.

On day four and one, the Falcons handed the ball over to Kadri Olison, who had stepped off the coaching staff just before the match. The patriots swallowed him up in vain.


Atlanta simply didn’t have an offensive punch with superstar hybrid Cordarelli Patterson unable to go due to an ankle injury.

The Patriots devoted much of their attention to tight end rookie Kyle Bates, limiting his first-round pick to three catches for 29 yards.

New England had their longest winning streak since the 8-0 start of the 2019 season, which turned into Tom Brady’s final year in New England.

Of course, any encounter between these two teams is sure to bring back memories of the greatest comeback – and breakdown – in Super Bowl history. In 2017, the Falcons squandered a 28-3 lead late in the third quarter and lost to the Brady-led Patriots 34-28 in overtime.

The Falcons were supposed to know they were in for a long night when the lunar eclipse occurred after the match was to last three hours – and 28 minutes.

Yes, another reminder of 3-28.

The Patriots social media team couldn’t resist a little laugh, Send Tweet Before the match, he said, “We won’t mention it but… you can’t make up these things.”


Falsity of the hawk

The terrible sequence in the second quarter summed up the problems of the Atlanta attack.

At third and less than a yard at New England 14, Ryan was thrown by Van Noy into a 13-yard sack.

The Hawks still appeared to save some points when Youngho Koo fired a 45-yard field goal, only to smash it off the board with an illegal penalty kick on lineman Jason Springs.

Koo’s 50 yards was forced to kick again, and veered wide left from the straight.

the following

The Patriots: The Tennessee Titans hosted Asia’s leading team (8-2) November 26.

Falcons: Fly to Jacksonville on November 26 to take on the sad Jaguar (2-7).


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