Ortiz, Howard, Lincecum, A-Rod new to the Hall of Fame poll

Ortiz, Howard, Lincecum, A-Rod new to the Hall of Fame poll

New York David Ortiz, Ryan Howard, Tim Linnicum and Alex Rodriguez are among the 13 first-time nominees for the Hall of Fame ballot for the American Baseball Writers Association, joining the remaining 17.

Steroids superstars Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens appear for the 10th and final time on the BBWAA poll alongside Kurt Schilling, who lost 16 votes of the necessary 75% on last year’s poll. Schilling appeared in 71.1% of the vote, Bond 61.8% and Clemens 61.6%.

Justin Morneau, Jimmy Rollins and Jake Bevy are also new on the ballot alongside Carl Crawford, Prince Felder, Joe Nathan, Jonathan Babelbone, AJ Pierzynski and Mark Teixeira.

Recipients of the position include Bobby Abreu, Mark Burley, Todd Hilton, Tim Hudson, Tori Hunter, Andrew Jones, Jeff Kent, Andy Pettit, Manny Ramirez, Gary Sheffield, Sammy Sosa, Omar Fiskel and Billy Wagner.

Sosa will also be on the ballot for the last time after receiving 17% last year.


BBWAA members with 10 consecutive years or more of membership are eligible to vote. Ballot papers must be postmarked by December 31 and results will be announced on January 25.

Any player elected will be entered into the hall in Cooperstown on July 24 along with anyone elected by the Golden Days and Early Baseball Era committees, which are scheduled to meet on December 5.

No was elected by the BBWAA in last year’s vote, and Schilling asked after the vote that Hall removes him from the ballot.

“It’s okay, the game doesn’t owe me anything,” he said during a live video broadcast on his Twitter account.

Clemens denied using performance-enhancing drugs and Bonds knowingly denied their use. Bonds was also accused of domestic violence and Clemens maintained a decade-long relationship with a singer who was 15 when they met.

Rodriguez was suspended for the 2014 season for violating MLB’s drug policy and collective bargaining agreement, and Ortiz’s name allegedly appeared on a list of players who tested positive during a 2003 survey test.



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