LeBron suspended one game, Stuart 2 to play melee

LeBron suspended one game, Stuart 2 to play melee

Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James has been suspended for one game and Detroit’s Isaiah Stewart has been suspended two games for his role in an ugly accident during a Lakers-Pistons game on Sunday.

The NBA announced the suspension on Monday, and both will affect games on Tuesday. James will not play when the Lakers visit Madison Square Garden to play the New York Knicks. Stewart will miss the Pistons’ home game against Miami on Tuesday and Wednesday’s game in Milwaukee.

James will lose about $284,000 in salary, while Stewart will lose about $45,000. It is the first comment in the career of James, 19, who has won four NBA titles with three teams.

The Lakers and Pistons meet again on Sunday in Los Angeles, and both James and Stewart will be eligible to play.

The National Basketball Association said Stewart was disciplined “for escalating a fight in court by repeatedly and aggressively stalking … James in an unsportsmanlike manner.” The National Basketball Association said James deserved suspension for “recklessly hitting Stewart in the face and starting a fight on the court.”


The accident occurred in the third quarter, starting when James and Stewart were vying for a position during a free throw. Their arms seemed to intertwine, and James swung his elbow, and called Stewart, who soon had blood spurting out from above his eye. James, apparently, tried to defuse the situation after realizing he had called Stewart and drew blood.

It didn’t take long for most players from both teams – along with referees, coaches and security personnel – to join the fight and try to keep James and Stewart apart. Within 25 seconds of James’ call, there were at least 25 people on the ground. Referee Venezi Ransom appended himself to James.

It seemed like colder heads prevailed for a moment. Stewart was tipped away from where the contact had occurred by his teammates and coaches, although he seemed more irritated along the way. Then he tried to come back – on multiple occasions – and run towards James. A number of people blocked his way again and made sure the accident didn’t get any worse.


Pistons coach Duane Casey said Stewart needed eight stitches to close the wound, adding that he didn’t think what Stewart did in response to the play deserved a suspension.

His eye cracked all the way through. He was upset for some reason, Casey said.

Stewart eventually left the floor, apparently running again as he did, and there was concern that he would try to get back toward the ground through another entry tunnel. The Pistons, Corey Joseph, even headed toward that tunnel, just in caseā€”and with the blessing of referee Scott Foster, the game’s chief of staff.

“After Isaiah Stewart left the court, Corey was expecting he might come around the back of the house and enter the Laker seat from the other side,” Foster told a pool reporter after the game. for him. I already told Corey that would be fine.”

Two technical fouls were assessed on Stewart, James was assessed with a massive 2 penalty kick, and both players were sent off.


James has been penalized multiple times by the league in the past, receiving fines for everything from flip-flops, skipping press conferences, and kicking a water bottle. But the suspension is his first, and that means he will miss the Lakers’ only game of the season at Madison Square Garden – one of his favorite arenas.


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