Jaguars don’t go anywhere so fast with this crime

Jaguars don’t go anywhere so fast with this crime

Jacksonville, Florida. The Jaguars lost 30-10 to the San Francisco 49ers in a game that looked like Jacksonville was the team traveling through three time zones to play a game in a short week. Instead, San Francisco dominated from the start. Here are the four most important conclusions from the game:

long trips

When were jaguars in the game? After kicking off the opening, San Francisco started her first drive on the 11-yard line. From there, the Niners drove 87 yards in 20 plays in a campaign that resulted in a field goal. The drive took 13:01 from the first quarter of an hour – almost the entire quarter.

It’s the longest run in the NFL this year — the 49ers had more than an 11-minute drive Monday night against the Rams — and it set the tone for the rest of the game.

After the Jaguars went triple, the Niners walked down the field with a seven-ranked lead, 80 yards touchdown. The two thrusters combined for 27 plays and 167 yards. It drained more than 17 minutes out of the watch. Jaguar cars have never recovered. After surrendering only two offensive landings in the previous ten quarters, the Jaguar’s defense bent, then broke against the San Francisco attack.


The Jacksonville Jaguars continued their proud tradition of not consistently playing good football, losing to the San Francisco 49ers in an embarrassing fashion. News4JAX sports analyst Frank Frangy joined us to talk more about the game.

reckless punishments

Sometimes the punishment is a punishment for aggression. A pass interference call while going to intercept, eg. Others are stray. After playing the second quarter, Rayshawn Jenkins threw a punch in Joan JenningsPenalty drawing directed by Jenkins. As a leader to defend the Jaguar, he must be smarter. Sanctions were again a problem for Jaguar. They committed eight penalties for 56 yards. This is not a team that can handle its own wounds.

Who played on the offensive?

Will anyone appear? Big plays are still rare. The Jaguars didn’t have a single play over 20 yards until the score was no longer in doubt. control Nick Bossa During the first three quarters and I still couldn’t find the end zone. James Robinson I did not go. The receiver struggled to open the Trevor Lawrence Missed some open receivers as well. Basically, nothing worked in the crime on Sunday.


What then?

The Jaguar Atlanta hosts the Falcons for the second consecutive home game. This will be the last time Jaguar will play a home game this year after a home game. Somehow, the Jaguars need to find a way to start the attack. if Cam Robinson knee injury and Jamal Agnes The hip injury is serious, and this will make the challenge even greater. Now at 2-8, the Jaguars have lost the momentum they built over the previous four games when they won twice. Roller coaster continues.

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