I’m sick and tired of it: ‘Jaguar can’t do it against the hawks’

I’m sick and tired of it: ‘Jaguar can’t do it against the hawks’

Jacksonville, Florida. Misery is heading towards December.

The Jaguars turned in another offensive clunker Sunday in a 21-14 loss to the Falcons at TIAA Bank Field. Jacksonville needed nearly three full quarters before it found the end zone, another crazy performance of Trevor Lawrence and offense.

The Jaguars got one last shot to begin their peg drive, starting at 18 on their own with 2 minutes and 13 seconds to play. But falls (two of them in that engine) and poor throws gave her no chance of success.

Coach Urban Meyer said the attack’s constant struggles are frustrating, but that’s not because the coaching staff is determined in its ways and its refusal to adapt. He said they’re looking for ways to get things done and trying, but that’s just a lack of implementation.

“So no, there’s no stubbornness, it’s just that we’re all working out this thing, and we have to figure it out now, and I would say this, it’s not like we haven’t figured it out,” Meyer said. “We don’t perform at a high level. We are putting ourselves in a position to win the match and if we remove some nonsense we are going to win the match.”


The Jaguars (2-9) will head into the final month of the year with a three-game losing streak, double-digit losses on the horizon and a slate of storied road games. The Jaguar Rams visit next Sunday (4:25 p.m.) and then head to Nashville to take on the Titans’ flagship team on December 12.

Jacksonville is 1-4 all-time against the Rams, although four of those games came when that franchise was located in St. Louis. They’ve never played in Los Angeles, but Jaguar’s dubious West Coast history is well known. Jacksonville is 3-14 all time in games in California and Washington. Her struggles in Tennessee are big, too. Jaguar has not won there since 2013.

This was a winnable match in the second half of the table, especially with Atlanta’s recent struggles.

But Jacksonville couldn’t stop the team entering after being outlasted 68-3 in their last two games, giving up a 108-yard dash and two touchdowns to Cordarelli Patterson and trailing from start to finish.


“I mean, any loss is definitely just a bad feeling, especially — it just isn’t a good feeling right now, man. We’re sick and tired of it,” said linebacker/defensive end Josh Allen. “We’re just trying to figure out what the hell is going on — is You know what I mean? I can’t really answer this question [how frustrating another loss was]. Just tired of it.”

But, as they often did, the jaguars scratched again of late. As they often did, Jacksonville couldn’t find a way to close. Mayer said he doesn’t see a backsliding or Lawrence beating himself up over the loss.

“Yes, I have many, many daily conversations with him, and he is a fighter. He doesn’t look at her that way. It looks like he came here to help raise an organization, and that’s the way he looks at him. He’s very hard on himself, like most great players. And the whole question so I ask the team, and I ask myself, and I ask ourselves, what can we do better to win this game, and the answer is many things,” Meyer said. “That didn’t really come. It’s not woe to me and I feel sorry for yourself. What we can do to get better is how he handles everything.”


After doing a better job in defense in the second half, Jaguar’s team shot. Lawrence hit Tavon Austin on a 7-yard touchdown pass late in the third quarter, then added the two-point pass to James O’Shaughnessy to get a 21-11 run.

Jacksonville had a first and one of the 6 with seven and a half minutes to play, but Jawan Taylor was flagged for a goal booking and the Jaguars ended up having to settle for a field goal to reach within 21-14.

That still gave Lawrence and Jaguar a chance to land a punch, but Carlos Hyde’s fall and Lacon Treadwell held them back, and Lawrence missed two more throws, including the final fourth throw in the direction of Lavesca Chenault. Incomplete dropped.

“Like I said, I thought we were more efficient, we still have a lot of work to do, and we have to get better. He only scored one goal, so it helped our defense out,” Lawrence said. In the last week or the week before. That’s positive, but yes, we just have to score more points at the end of the day.”


Another rough start that made the hole too big to dig.

Jacksonville only had one drive in the first quarter, an eight drive that ended with a trip. He managed just a field goal in the first half and missed a key defensive opportunity before the break after Tyson Campbell intercepted for the first time. Jacksonville needed nearly 15 yards to attempt a field goal but couldn’t even get that. Lawrence also threw an interception early in the second quarter, the 10th of the season.

Lawrence finished 23 of 42 for 228 yards, touchdown and interception. James Robinson lunged for 86 yards on 17 buggies.

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