How Jaguar Can Beat the Hawks on Sunday

How Jaguar Can Beat the Hawks on Sunday

Jacksonville, Florida. – This is out of season, Urban Meyer He used the word “speed” several times when describing his vision of Jaguars crime. Well, there are many words I can use to describe what the offense looked like, but speed is not one of them.

Since farewell week, the Jaguars have averaged 10.7 attack points per game. If they continue at this pace, it will be considered the worst offense in Jaguars history. The current record is held by the 2011 team, who scored only 243 points.

Fortunately for the Jaguars, the Falcons have scored only three points in their last two games combined. That might be a good position for Jaguar to claim their third win of the season, but here are the four factors they’ll need to get a W.

Record, record, record, record again

Rule 1 In football, the team with the most points wins. It seems like both Jaguars and Falcons have forgotten about it lately. The Jaguars’ offensive was a disappointment this year, but the Hawks’ defense isn’t exactly a brick wall.


According to the PFF rankings, the Falcons have a 25th defensive position and have the lowest average defensive pressure in the NFL (presses on only 23% of passing passes). This is a recipe for Trevor Lawrence To have something he wasn’t used to having this season TIME. With time to work, Lawrence will have to manufacture some scoring plays.

Don’t dig a hole

In the past two weeks, the Jaguars have found themselves in a deep hole once the game has started. Versus Indy, they were 17 fewer in the first quarter. Against San Francisco, they were down by 17 before the offense could have started in the fifth play of the game. This cannot happen. Jack Miles He said, “We are not good enough to make mistakes.” This is a valid statement. Jaguars need to play foul-free football to have a chance to win. Part of the bug-free gameplay is not getting too far early in the game.


stop “unicorn”

Kyle Bates It is one of the most sporty tight ends in the NFL. Urban Meyer He is on record saying he would have loved to trade and bring the Bates to Jacksonville. But that price was too high and now the Jaguars have to find a way to slow the Pitts down. It’s no coincidence that the Hawks won when the Bates exploded for more than 100 yards against planes and dolphins. Bates is the biggest threat in the hawk’s attack and the jaguars must make it a priority to slow him down.

Convert in third down

It’s hard for an offense to put points when you can’t turn third down. The Jaguars are converting only 31.7% of their attempts to finish third this season. This terrible! To be clear, in 2020 when Jaguar won just one game they converted 40.6% of their third defeat. The problem is a mixture of early play calls, third-level communication, and people. Play connection can be fixed easily. Staff problems, not so much.

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