Guardians MLB settles lawsuit with Roller derby

Guardians MLB settles lawsuit with Roller derby

Cleveland – Cleveland will have two teams called Guardians.

Major League Baseball franchise and local Roller Derby club have resolved a lawsuit filed over the use of the Guardians name, allowing both to continue using it.

On Tuesday, the two parties announced an “amicable resolution”, an agreement that allows the Indians to continue their transformation into guardians – a transformation that has been delayed by a legal matter and is not completely over.

No other terms of the agreement were disclosed.

The legal squabble was another hurdle in the long road to changing the official name of the Indians, whose decision to bring down the Indians angered some fans and alienated others. The MLS team has been known to the Indians since 1915.

Next season, they will be Guardians, a name chosen after a year-long process that grew out of a national reckoning about racial names and symbols.

Last month, the Cleveland Guardians Roller Derby team, which was formed in 2013, filed a lawsuit alleging that the baseball team’s transformation from Indians to Guardians infringed on its trademark and used deceptive business practices, in violation of state law.


“A major club cannot simply take the name of a smaller team and use it for itself,” the lawsuit said. “There can’t be two teams of the Cleveland Guardians in Cleveland, and to be honest, the plaintiff was here first.”

Now that the legal tangle has been resolved, the Guardians baseball team can begin selling merchandise. The team had been hoping to get new T-shirts and hats off store shelves in time for holiday shopping.

Earlier this month, the team began removing Indian banners in and around Progressive Field.


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