Four Factors: Can Jaguar beat the Colts and start a winning streak?

Four Factors: Can Jaguar beat the Colts and start a winning streak?

Jaguars stock is officially pointing upwards. The Jaguars have won two of their last three games and doubled their winning total from last season. Now, the team has to watch out for disappointment.

After achieving their first win of the season against the Dolphins in London, the Jaguar laid an egg against the Seahawks in Week 8. Urban Meyer He said the young team did not cope well with the farewell week.

No goodbye week issues this Sunday. Jaguars have ponies coming along the line. Here are the four factors the Jaguars have to do to achieve their first consecutive wins since 2019.

Find the end zone

The Jaguars manage to beat the Buffalo Bills without scoring a touchdown, but such games don’t happen very often. Prior to last week, the Jaguars won a no-relegation match that was in 2018 when they beat the Colts 6-0. Winning is winning but putting that kind of pressure on defense is not the formula for winning a week and a week.

The Jaguars offense was a year-round work in progress at this point in the season, hitting its highest in season 23. Not exactly a number to write about. While the Jaguars don’t have a real dynamic alpha threat on attack, there are enough tools to expect them to break 30 points at some point this season. At the very least, they should find the end zone with more consistency.

Empty the tank on D again

After last week’s match Rudy Ford to the locker room. When I asked him why after the match, he said “I really emptied the tank”. The Jaguars need that kind of defensive effort again this week.

Jack Miles He said this week that “Jaguar is a defensive team.”

I’ll take his word for it now, but the defense will need to come out and prove this week that they can play at this level consistently before it’s time to call up the Jaguars of any kind of team.

Turn the third down

offensive coordinator Daryl Bevel “I think third place is a problem for us. It is a major focus and we have to keep working on it,” he said.

A major problem is that the Jaguars are ranked last in the NFL in third-tier conversion rate downward, converting only 29% of the time. To put that into perspective, remember 2020 when the Jaguars only won one game. In 2020, the Jag family converted 40% of their attempts for third place. The Jaguars’ offensive problems are bad enough to spread blame around, from play to offensive line and receivers.

But so farTrevor Lawrence He was spared from pointing fingers. But against bills, CJ Pittard He entered the match, completed a pass from 28 yards, and delivered a perfect pass into the fallen end zone. It’s a small sample size but why when Pittard enters the game can he find these explosive plays that Lawrence has been struggling to locate all year?

Stop Jonathan Taylor

This season, the ponies went even further Jonathan Taylor led them. In games where Taylor rushed for more than 100 yards, the Colts were unbeaten this season. The last time a Jaguar faced Taylor, he hit 253 yards. That was the last game of a lost season, so take these stats with caution.

The Jaguars can’t let that happen on Sunday if they’re going to come out with a win. Mayer knows what Taylor can do from his days in Wisconsin.

“I was so upset with our coaches at Ohio State. Why don’t we have him?” Meyer said.

Well, now Meyer plays Taylor twice a year. If his defense does its job, he’ll never have to ask the “why don’t we get it” question again.

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