Ex-Raider Ruggs remains under house arrest in fatal accident case

Ex-Raider Ruggs remains under house arrest in fatal accident case

Las vigas – Henry Ruggs III, a former receiver of the Raiders wide, received a stern talk from a Las Vegas judge but was allowed to remain under house arrest with a constant alcohol monitor on one ankle and a GPS monitor on the other after a fatal accident he was accused of causing by driving in Drunk.

Peace Judge Susan Bocum told Ruggs and his attorney she was “comfortable with a higher level of monitoring” after hearing about a delay in providing the Ruggs with a remote alcohol test with a handheld device on November 13.

“But if there are any errors, if there are any problems, if any alcohol is detected in your system, you need to know that this is going to be an issue for this court moving forward,” she said.

Attorneys David Chesnov and Richard Schoenfeld said their client took a test anyway “out of great caution” on November 13 and met a three-hour requirement to submit the negative test.

“Henry still did the right thing with the test in the window,” Chesnov said, standing with Roggs before the judge. “He should not be punished because his case is attracting so much attention.”


His attorney told the judge that since his release on November 3 on $150,000 bail, Roggs has passed more than 77 breath-alcohol tolerance tests.

Ruggs’ attorneys also provided testimony from two people who said they were with Ruggs when he missed the call on November 13, not hearing a signal from the screen.

Chesnov said that the Las Vegas police still owns Ruggs’ cell phone, and he has now provided a new phone number to the SCRAM surveillance system in Nevada.

The handheld device sounded while Ruggs was standing in front of the judge, requiring Ruggs to submit a breath test after the court hearing.

Police and prosecutors said Roges, 22, and his girlfriend, Chiara Jenny Kilgo, were injured in a pre-dawn accident on November 2, when a Chevrolet Corvette of Roges hit the rear of a Toyota RAV4 that caught fire.

Tina Tintor, 23, died in a Toyota.

Chesnoff did not identify Ruggs’ injuries, but did tell the judge that the shin splint that initially prevented the use of the ankle monitor had been removed.


Chesnov and Schoenfeld are fighting separately to prevent prosecutors from gaining access to Roggs’ medical records, and Kilgo Washington’s attorney has launched a similar effort on her behalf. December 8 hearing is scheduled on this question.

Prosecutors say Roggs’ blood alcohol level was 0.16% – twice the legal limit for drivers in Nevada – and his car achieved 156 mph (251 km/h) before the accident.

Ruggs is scheduled to hold a hearing on December 16 over the evidence of two counts of driving under the influence of charges that each carry a mandatory prison term of two to 20 years if convicted, plus felony reckless driving and a misdemeanor weapon charge. Police said they found a loaded pistol in his wrecked sports car.

The invaders released Ruggs just hours after the incident.

The team selected the Ruggs for the first time in the 2020 NFL Draft, from Alabama, and has been a rising star for the Raiders this season.

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