Cash wins second consecutive manager of the year; Winner Kapler NL

Cash wins second consecutive manager of the year;  Winner Kapler NL

For Kevin Cash, being mentioned in the same sentence with Bobby Cox is an honor.

“That’s wrong. Cash said I shouldn’t be. But to say that, it’s pretty humble. When you think about the greats of our game, Bobby Cox is right there.”

Cash has now achieved something that only Cox has previously achieved – back-to-back Director of the Year awards. Cash won the MLS Championship on Tuesday night. He was joined by Tampa Bay captain Gabby Kapler of the San Francisco National League winner.

Cox earned the NL honor for two years in a row with Atlanta in 2004-05 during his Hall of Fame career.

This is the feat that Cash has now achieved. And he led the low-paid Rays to the second consecutive crown in the East Division this season. Tampa Bay (100-62) finished with AL’s best record before losing to Boston in the First Division.

The Rays reached the World Championships in 2020, but Cash was criticized for removing rookie bowler Blake Snell in the final. But if anything, quick hooks like this have been a fairly normal strategy in this year’s post-season — perhaps yet another example of Cash and Tampa Bay being ahead of the curve on new ways to approach the game.


The Rays are now 2 vs 2 for the big jackpots. Soccer player Randy Arrozarina was awarded the Rookie of the Year award on Monday. Seasons haven’t always been the smoothest for Tampa Bay — right-back Tyler Glasno and loyalist Nick Anderson were injury-constrained — but Reyes still fended off threats from the Red Sox and Yankees in their league, as well as Toronto improving. Team.

“We had the youth, the physique, and ultimately the talent to perform really well,” Cash said.

Scott Servier of Seattle placed second behind Cash in a vote by the members of the Baseball Writers Association of America. Houston’s Dusty Baker came third.

Charlie Montoyo of the Blue Jays finished fourth, followed by Alex Cora of the Red Sox, Tony La Russa of the White Sox and AJ Hinch of the Tigers.

Cash received 19 out of 30 votes for first place.

Kapler won the NL after leading San Francisco to a franchise—a best of 107 wins in his second season with the Giants. beat Craig Counsell of Milwaukee Brewers and Mike Shildt of St. Louis Cardinals.


Kapler managed two seasons in Philadelphia before he was fired. The Giants hired him after Bruce Bushey retired. Kapler had big boots to fill—Bochy won three championships with San Francisco—and a team struggling to take charge. When the Giants went 29-31 in the 2020 season that cut the pandemic short, it was the fourth consecutive record.

Then, in a year when the star-loaded Dodgers and Padres were supposed to contend for the supremacy of NL West, San Francisco climbed to the best baseball record. The Giants beat the Dodgers in a first-division title match, despite losing to Los Angeles in a tightly contested streak.

Kapler said he has learned to become a good listener.

He said: “I think I’m really starting to respect, understand and appreciate the feedback I get from players on a regular basis. I really trust our players.”

As it turns out, Bochy was the one who announced the Kapler award on the MLB Network show.


“I still feel like it’s impossible to fill Bruce Bush’s shoes,” Kapler said.

Maybe it is, but now Kapler has done something Bochy never did with Giants – win general manager. Bochy received the award in 1996 when he was with the Padres.

Kapler is the first Giants manager to win since 2000, when Baker earned this honor for the third time in an eight-year period.

Counsell finished second behind Kapler after leading the Brewers to the NL Central title. Schilt came third a month after he was expelled for what John Mozilac, president of the Cardinals, called philosophical differences.

World Championship Champion Brian Sneaker, Braves, and Dave Roberts of the Dodgers, were the other managers who got the votes.

Kapler received 28 out of 30 first-place votes, which were cast before the playoffs began.


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The Cy Young Awards are announced Wednesday night. Tampa Bay Won’t Win: The AL finalists are Yankees’ Gerrit Cole, White Sox’s Lance Lane, and Blue Jays’ Robbie Ray.

The NL League finalists are Max Scherzer, who bid for the Nationals and Dodgers this year, along with Corbin Burnes of the Brewers and Zack Wheeler of the Phillies.


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