Angels tempt Noah Sendergaard away from the Mets

Angels tempt Noah Sendergaard away from the Mets

Anaheim, California. Right-winger Noah Sendergaard has agreed to the terms of a $21 million one-year deal with the Los Angeles Angels, leaving the New York Mets to a lucrative new start on the West Coast.

The Angels announced the deal Tuesday night for 29-year-old Syndergaard, a dominant and intimidating player when he was at the height of his talent during his seven years with the Mets.

The long-haired Texan, who is 6 feet 6 feet tall, has earned the nickname “Bull” thanks to his solid on-court selection and accumulating presence, but injuries have hampered a career that includes 47 wins, 3.32 ERA and one All-Star selection in 2016.

Syndergaard has only had two major league games since 2019 due to Tommy John’s surgery and other illnesses, delivering a pair of single-round spells late last season. Syndergaard didn’t throw the curve or slip in his late season appearance, but the Angels, Mets, and other interested teams were clearly reasonably confident he’d reclaim some of his best looks.


Syndergaard has only had four full seasons in the league, but has had at least nine wins, 150 runs and 155 hits in all four seasons.

Syndergaard will be the cornerstone of the latest effort to build a respectable rotation for the Angels, whose yearly lower pitching has been the mainstay of their six consecutive seasons and seven-year drought, even with three-time MVP Mike Trout in line up.

Even with Shohei Ohtani, the Los Angeles rotation ranked 22nd in the major leagues last season after finishing 29th in the previous two seasons. Placing ads was a top priority for new General Manager Berry Minassian, who used all 20 of his picks from draft shooters earlier this year.

The Texans have succeeded with 100 mph of fastballs in Anaheim before: Nolan Ryan has made seven stellar seasons for the California Angels, earning five All-Star picks and four of her seven players. The number 30 is retired at Angel Stadium.


Syndergaard gets $21 million straight in the Angels deal, which does not include any rewards. He will be a free agent again next winter. The Angels will also lose their second-round pick next year because Syndergaard has placed a bid of $18.1 million for 2022 by the Mets.

The Angels likely haven’t finished shopping for pitchers, even though they’ve been burned by veteran acquisitions in the recent past from Matt Harvey and Trevor Cahill to Julio Teheran and Jose Quintana. Los Angeles is hoping to add at least one free operating agent to join the 2022 tournament that will include Ohtani, Patrick Sandoval and promising José Suárez.


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