Alabama jumps Sensei to second place. OU is ranked 12

Alabama jumps Sensei to second place.  OU is ranked 12

Alabama jumped Cincinnati to second behind Georgia in an Associated Press football poll on Sunday and Oklahoma dropped eight places to 12 after losing for the first time this season.

Georgia ranked first unanimously in the AP Top 25 rankings presented by the Bank of Regions for the sixth week in a row, while the Southeast Conference ranked first and second in the poll for the sixth time this season.

Alabama and Georgia flipped at #1 and 2 for five weeks in September and early October.

The switch from Cincinnati to Alabama in second was more about the Bearcats than the Crimson Tide, which closed the gap on UCSD to four points last week.

Alabama took care of business against the state of New Mexico, which overtook it on Saturday. No wonder there.


Cincinnati remained undefeated after winning South Florida 45-28 on Friday night. This was the fourth consecutive week that the Bearkats played a team with a losing record and found themselves in a competitive second-half match. That prompted a few voters to bring down Cincinnati.

“It was an assessment of their public resumes,” said voter Ryan Abeer of Oklahoma. “Alabama’s win over New Mexico State didn’t do much on the surface, but other factors — Ole Miss’s win over Texas A&M as well as Cincinnati’s less dominant performance against less competition in recent weeks — led me to raise the Crimson tide ahead of the Bearcats.”

Matt Baker of the Tampa Bay Times made the switch to put Alabama ahead of Cincinnati last week, then split the Tide and Bearcats after this week’s games.


“I’ve seen Alabama and Cincinnati with my own eyes,” Baker said. “No one’s Georgia level, but I see a gap between ‘Bama and Cincinnati.'” “

Behind the Bearcats, No. 4 Oregon, No. 5 Ohio, No. 6 Notre Dame, No. 7 Michigan State, No. 8 Michigan State and No. 9 Oklahoma State all advanced one place after Oklahoma fell.

The Sooners were fourth before losing their first loss of the season at Baylor on Saturday.

The Bears advanced to No. 11 behind No. 10 in Mississippi.

poll points

Alabama has the longest running streak of appearing in the top five in the AP Top 25 at 29. Georgia is second after hitting 12 this week.

Cincinnati is third in seven consecutive polls. Oklahoma was coming in this weekend for the fifth in a row, but even so, the next top five streaks are Oregon with two back-to-back polls.


Alabama holds the record for top-five appearances with 68 games from 2015-19.

in a

The three teams that entered the rankings this week were all earlier in the season.

– No. 21 Arkansas returned after defeating LSU. The Razorbacks had had five weeks in the top 25, reaching eighth before three straight losses took them down. Three straight wins later, they came back.

San Diego State No. 23 returned after winning a crucial game in Mountain West against Nevada. The Aztecs spent a four-week period in the world rankings but were out of the last two weeks.

– Number 24 was Utah in pre-season, knocked out after the second week of the regular season and came back and out a few times. Utes is back again after winning six of seven.


– Auburn withdrew after beating Mississippi State 28-3 to drop to 6-4.


Penn State are knocked out for the first time this season after losing to Michigan at home, the Nittany Lions’ fourth defeat in their last five games.

Coastal Carolina is out for the first time this season, after 22 weeks in the standings. The Chanticleers lost for the second time this season with midfielder Grayson McCool injured out of the squad against Georgia State.

conference call

SEC – 5 (No. 1, 2, 10, 16, 21).

Big Ten – 5 (numbers 5, 7, 8, 18, 19).

ACC – 3 (No. 13, 20, 25).

Large 12-3 (numbers 9, 11, 12).

Pac-12 – 2 (No. 4, 24).

American – 2 (No. 3, 17).

USA Conference – 1 (No. 15).

Mountain West – 1 (No. 23).

Sunbelt – 1 (No. 22).


Independent – 2 (No. 6, 14).


rank vs rank

No. 7 Michigan State at No. 5 Ohio State. The third biggest 10 meet since 2013, and the Spartans have won the last two.

No. 21 Arkansas at No. 2 Alabama. The first meeting when both teams are ranked since 2016.

No. 4 Oregon at No. 24 Utah. It’s set to be the first of two Pac-12 Team Leaders’ meetings.


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