1v2 delays AP Women’s Basketball Poll daily

1v2 delays AP Women’s Basketball Poll daily

Paradise Island – The release of the Associated Press’s top 25 women’s basketball votes will be pushed back by a day so that voters can assess Monday afternoon’s showdown between South Carolina #1 and Connecticut #2.

The tournament match for the inaugural Battle 4 Atlantis Women’s Championship will take place around the same time that the AP Top 25 is released every Monday. The Associated Press decided to hold the poll one day in order to reflect the result — only the second time since the poll began in 1976 that it has been postponed.

“Given the timing of this 1v2 match, it makes sense to have the poll release this week,” said Barry Bedlan, global director of text products and new markets at the AP.

The only other time that UConn also participated. 2nd seed Husky was playing No. 1 Tennessee on January 16, 1995—their first competitive encounter. The Husky scored a surprise win and moved to number one for the first time in the school’s history as the survey was also taken until the next day.


UConn coach Geno Auriemma remembers how important it was to hold the poll years ago and understands why it’s happening again.

“It’s fun for the fans, the players, everyone,” he said.

This will be the 61st session between the two largest polling teams and the sixth time in November. The first team has a 37-23 advantage in the match. The last meeting between the first and second teams was between the same teams last February. UConn was the second team in that match as well and won 63-59 in overtime.

UConn has participated in 25 of their 1v2 games and gone 22-3 in those competitions, winning their last nine matches.


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