Investigation discovers ‘compelling evidence’ of Cuomo’s misconduct

Investigation discovers ‘compelling evidence’ of Cuomo’s misconduct

Albany, New York A legislative inquiry released Monday found “compelling evidence” that former governor Andrew Cuomo was involved in sexual harassment and ordered state employees to help produce his book during office hours.

The report also found that the Cuomo executive room “significantly revised” the state’s report to exclude deaths of residents in hospital nursing homes to bolster Cuomo’s reputation.

In March, the association’s Judicial Committee hired a Manhattan law firm, Davis Polk & Wardwell, to investigate whether there were grounds for Cuomo’s impeachment.

Cuomo, a Democrat, resigned in August to avoid a possible trial following another investigation that found he sexually harassed at least 11 women. This investigation was led by two independent attorneys selected by state Attorney General Letitia James, also a Democrat.

The association’s investigators said they reviewed the sexual harassment investigation, as well as about 600,000 pages of documents collected by Davis Polk that ranged from photographs, emails, phone call recordings and video recordings.


Davis investigators did not interview Polk Cuomo, who provided written reports instead.

Cuomo’s spokesman, Richard Azopardi, and attorney Rita Glavin, did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the legislative inquiry.

Cuomo denied that he ever intended to touch anyone inappropriately and said he never intended to make anyone uncomfortable with the sexual remarks.

Cuomo has flatly denied some of the allegations, including an executive aide’s claim that he touched her breasts at the governor’s official residence, the Executive Palace, last winter.

Cuomo has asked the association’s investigators to turn over all of the evidence against him, but members of the Judiciary Committee say Cuomo has no right to have that evidence.

“Faced with an impeachment trial, the former governor has chosen to resign, not to challenge the available evidence and confront witnesses in that legal forum,” the report released Monday said. “Having missed this opportunity, he is not entitled to provide any further evidence from this committee.”


Cuomo often issued statements pledging to cooperate with the association’s investigation, but investigators said he provided only limited documents over the course of about six months.

“However, at no time did the former governor meaningfully comply with the commission’s requests or cooperate with its investigations,” the report read.

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