Biden pushes infrastructure deal to ‘Red List’ bridge in New Hampshire

Biden pushes infrastructure deal to ‘Red List’ bridge in New Hampshire

Washington – The last time Joe Biden was in New Hampshire, he didn’t show up at his sad party.

After Biden lost in the 2020 state’s Democratic presidential primary, Biden hopped on a trip to the next South Carolina before the polls closed even for fifth. On Tuesday, he returned to New Hampshire as president, excited to talk about the new $1 trillion infrastructure deal and what all that money could do for Americans.

Biden is low in the polls and hopes to use the successful deal to turn the political winds in his direction with new impetus for the broader $1.85 trillion social spending package before Congress.

The president signed the infrastructure bill into law Monday at a spectacular ceremony attended by hundreds on the South Lawn of the White House, as lawmakers and union workers clapped and applauded.


Biden promised Americans, “America is moving again and your life will change for the better.”

The president and members of his cabinet are also moving in – they are spreading across the country to show the package. Biden himself stopped by Tuesday in Woodstock and New Hampshire and Wednesday in Detroit to promote the new law as a source of jobs and repairs to old roads, bridges, pipes and ports while also helping to ease inflation and supply chain problems.

“As he’s going around the country, he’s going to really be looking at how these issues affect people’s daily lives, and what they’re talking about on their kitchen tables,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said.

The president, whose poll numbers continued to fall even after the law was passed, is demanding patience from Americans exhausted by the pandemic and afraid of rising inflation.

Biden defeated Donald Trump by seven percentage points in New Hampshire in the 2020 election, but his popularity has plummeted in the state. In a survey conducted by the University of New Hampshire Center for Surveys last month, his overall rating was 34% positive, with 53% having an unfavorable view.


On Tuesday, the president will visit the bridge that carries State Route 175 over the Pemiegwaset River. Built in 1939, the bridge has been on the state’s “Red List” since 2014 due to its poor condition. Another bridge over the river was added in 2018.

“The president is going there because there is a broken bridge that needs to be fixed,” Psaki said.

The infrastructure bill contains $110 billion to repair old highways, bridges, and roads. According to the White House, 173,000 miles, or approximately 280,000 km, of highways and major roads in the United States and 45,000 bridges are in poor condition. The law has nearly $40 billion for bridges, the largest investment earmarked for the bridge since the National Highway System was created, according to the Biden administration.


Many of the details of how the money is spent come back to state governments. Biden appointed former New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu as a liaison between the White House and the states to help ensure things run smoothly and prevent waste and fraud.


Ramir reported from Concord, New Hampshire

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