Biden chooses women of color to lead the White House budget office

Biden chooses women of color to lead the White House budget office

Washington — President Joe Biden announced Wednesday that he will nominate Shalanda Young to head the White House Budget Office and Nanny Collorte as Young’s running mate.

If confirmed by the Senate, Young would be the first black woman to head the Office of Management and Budget while Kolorette, a Filipino American, would become one of the highest-ranking Asian Americans in the Biden administration.

This will be the first time that two women of color will lead the agency, helping the president develop an annual budget and monitor how tax dollars are spent.

“Today I am honored to be nominated by two extraordinary women who have made history to lead the Office of Management and Budget,” Biden said in a video ad released Wednesday while spending Thanksgiving on the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts.


Young served as the acting director of the office for most of the year. Biden’s first candidate for director, Nira Tandin, faced bipartisan criticism for her past attacks on lawmakers, and eventually withdrew from consideration.

Biden said Young “continued to impress me” during her tenure as acting director.

She faces her own vote in the Senate, but was initially confirmed for the acting director role in March with nearly two-thirds support and the support of many Republicans. As the former director of staff for the House Appropriations Committee, Young has had the support of top Democratic leaders, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi, in a statement released Wednesday, said Young’s nomination was “well deserved.”


Colority will join management from the Urban Research Foundation, where she holds the position of Senior Vice President.

Biden said his nominees were “two of the most experienced and qualified people to lead” the budget office, and called on the Senate to vote quickly to confirm them for the posts.

The head of the Office of Management and Budget is tasked with compiling a management budget and overseeing a wide range of logistical and organizational issues across the federal government.


Jaffe reported from Washington.

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