Trump’s ‘Our Journey’ photo book next month

Trump’s ‘Our Journey’ photo book next month

New York It will be Donald Trump’s first book after the White House, like many other books about him, a departure from other previous presidents.

Trump is posting a collection of hundreds of hardcover photos of his administration, with his own comments, some of them handwritten. “Our Journey Together” is scheduled for December 7, but not by a traditional New York publisher. Instead, it will be released by a new company formed by Donald Trump Jr.’s son and campaign aide Sergio Gore, Winning Team Publishing.

Our Journey Together features unforgettable moments of our time in Washington: the construction of the southern boundary wall; US tax cuts. Endorsement of approximately 300 federal judges and 3 Supreme Court justices; Rebuilding our military creating a space power. “Dealing with Kim Jong Un, President Xi, President Putin and many other world leaders,” the former president said in a statement on Friday.

While Barack Obama, George W. Bush and other Trump predecessors recently wrote memos and announced multi-million dollar deals with Penguin Random House and other publishing houses shortly after leaving office, New York publishers resisted working with Trump — especially after January 11. 6 Siege of some of his supporters to the US Capitol. Simon & Schuster dropped a book by a Trump supporter, Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri, and faced widespread anger within the company for a deal for memos by Trump’s Vice President, Mike Pence.


Trump has sometimes referred to publishing a memoir, “The Book of All Books,” but has given interviews to ABC News’ Michael Wolff and Jonathan Karl and others writing about it. If he releases memos through the Winning Team, it will be a test of how a new publisher manages sales and distribution for a book that could sell millions of copies.

Winning Team Publishing’s website ( offers few details – no masthead or listings for books other than Trump’s. (“Official Merchandise” is “Coming Soon”). Gore declined to discuss Winning Team’s plans, but said other authors have been signed. Winning Team Publishing continues a wave of conservative imprints, among them DailyWire Books by DW and All Seasons Press, formed this year by those who claim they have been “silenced” by major publishers.

Trump’s statement included a link to the company’s website, where the book can be pre-ordered for $74.99 in a standard format (new picture books have been known to sell anywhere from $40 to over $150) and $229.99 for a signed copy. “Our Journey Together” is also listed on, which has often attacked founder Jeff Bezos Trump, although it wasn’t available for purchase until midday Friday. According to Amazon, the book is 320 pages long, with a suggested readership of 12 and up.

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