Trump mocked a picture of him receiving an honorary black belt for taekwondo

Trump mocked a picture of him receiving an honorary black belt for taekwondo

The awarding of an honorary black belt in taekwondo to Donald Trump has been widely mocked after photos of the ceremony surfaced on Facebook.

The former US president received an honorary black belt from the World Taekwondo (WTH) headquarters, located in Seoul, South Korea, on Friday at Mar-a-Lago.

Trump and WTH President Lee Dong Seob appeared on the athletic body’s Facebook to honor the Florida homeowner, who said he is a martial arts fan.

Mr. Trump allegedly told Mr. Dong Seop, “It is my honor to receive an honorary Dan degree and I believe that Taekwondo is a wonderful martial art of self-defense.”

On Twitter, the 75-year-old was mocked and accused of being “unworthy” of a 9th degree black belt.

It is usually awarded to teachers with experience in martial arts only, and requires years of training and teaching in taekwondo.

“As someone who has already earned a black belt in taekwondo, I am not happy about this,” one Twitter user wrote of the WTH award. “The ninth grade is the rank of a great master. Unbelievable.”

The Twitter user followed up by asking why “Asian Americans were given any award to Trump after what he did to discredit the Asian community.”

The comments were a clear indication that Mr. Trump is facing accusations of anti-Asian rhetoric about Covid, which he has referred to as “Wuhan flu”, “China flu” and other monikers.

Another tweeted: “Trump earned a black belt from mastering the art of kung-flu, not taekwondo. He was inspired by his racist rhetoric surrounding Covid-19.”

Another Twitter argued: “Honorary titles are too cliched.” user. Remember, this is the same person holding his glass or water bottle in both hands, [and] Now he will declare that he is “the best in martial arts”.

“Not only did he not earn it or deserve it” books Another tweeted, “But once he got it he asked to see her birth certificate.”

The statements appear to target Trump for depicting him holding a glass of water in both hands, and falsely accusing Barack Obama of not possessing an American birth certificate – also known as the “Birther conspiracy”.

On Facebook, WTH said awarding Trump an honorary title was “not political,” although it remains unclear why he received a black belt.

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