The roadside worker says she has brain damage after a violent confrontation

The roadside worker says she has brain damage after a violent confrontation

Jacksonville, Florida. A roadside helper said she almost died while answering a call in Arlington.

A mobile phone video captured the encounter, which happened nearly a month ago. Alyssa Munday, the roadside assistance worker, said she was admitted to the hospital. She’s out now, and on Friday she told News4Jax she was making progress.

However, she says, doctors told her she would have lifelong brain damage after what happened.

“His wheels spun for a moment and his car took off, at which point it flew out from behind his car,” Munday recalls.

Munday said she responded to a call on October 20 about a man who locked his keys inside his car. She said that after she opened the man’s car, he refused to pay, and got into the car with a woman, trying to take off.


“With the door open,” she said, “they started to back away while I’m still standing there and the door is hitting me and I’m falling.”

Munday said the car hit her three times. She said she was on the floor asking for help when the woman got out of the car and started punching her.

Munday said she fought back in self-defence.

“That’s when you take my phone, wallet, and keys out of my hand and throw them in the passenger side, under the seat. That’s why I jumped on the back of their car,” Munday said.

She was seen clinging to the trunk of the car until it fell. Munday was moved to the intensive care unit.

After two weeks in the hospital, I headed home. But her recovery is not over yet. Her life has changed.

“I’m no longer allowed to join the Navy, which is what I was going to do,” she said.

No arrests were announced. Munday said investigators told her they had questioned the driver, but they did not have the evidence to charge him.

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