Samuel Scott Jr.: Police arrest a black man for “stealing” a private car

Samuel Scott Jr.: Police arrest a black man for “stealing” a private car

A Miami resident is suing Florida police after they arrested him for “stealing” his car three years ago.

Samuel Scott Jr. called the police in June 2018 to report the theft of his Jeep Compass. But an hour later the police arrived and arrested him for theft.

In body camera footage, Mr. Scott can be seen handcuffed by police telling him that he matches the description of the person who stole the car.

The 44-year-old black man said according to footage accessed before Miami New Times. “I can confirm my whereabouts, and I can even confirm my activities.” But the police officer insisted, “The description of the man who got into your car is exactly the same as yours.”

Mr. Scott replied: “But that’s half Miami.”

According to the complaint, the police description of the offender was a “black male, bald, about 6 feet 2 inches and heavy weight, in a white shirt.”

“I called because my car was stolen,” said Mr. Scott, laughing at the situation, adding, “I mean, why would I call the police?” Then he asked: Why am I tied?

In the video, Mr. Scott constantly mentioned his children and said that they will be home soon. He added that all his belongings were in the car when it was stolen.

However, police charged him with leaving the scene of the accident, false reporting of a crime, failure to carry a concealed weapon license and drug possession, according to details of the lawsuit published by the British newspaper The Guardian. Miami New Times.

But eventually the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s office dropped the charges and Scott was released.

Now, three years later, the City of Miami and officers are suing Jonathan Guzman, Michael Bloom, Brandon Williams, Miguel Hernandez, and Randy Carell for questioning and arresting him “as if he stole his own car.”

Mr. Scott’s allegations include unlawful searches, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution. He has sought $500,000 (£370,000) in damages.

“He reported it to the police because he thought the cops would actually help him,” his lawyer, Vaudlin Pierre, said.. “And then it turns out they called him a racist.”

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