JTA gets $1.7 million to upgrade Skyway

JTA gets $1.7 million to upgrade Skyway

Jacksonville, Florida. The Jacksonville Transportation Authority will receive $1.7 million in federal grant money to replace and expand Skyway.

The scholarship comes from the US Department of Transportation. It will support the third phase of the Ultimate Urban Circulator (U2C), a project expected to cost approximately $400 million in total.

The project will replace the existing monorail with self-driving vehicles. They’ll connect downtown to San Marco, Five Points, Brooklyn, and Yove Health near Springfield.

The goal is to speed up service and provide faster travel times for passengers. The project will also use zero-emission vehicles to reduce long-term carbon emissions and fossil fuel consumption.

The federal government recently awarded a $1 billion RAISE grant “Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity” to transportation authorities across the country.

“The DOT grant will provide the city with the opportunity to continue modernizing the area and provide residents with equitable access to connected neighborhoods, job opportunities, and medical centers,” said US Representative Allison.


U2C, Phase 1 of the Bay Street Innovation Corridor has already been fully funded. The money raised through the Duval County gas doubling will help fund Phase Two.

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Phase two will be the complete diversion of the air route and connections to the Bay Street Innovation Corridor.

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