Get vaccinated or get COVID

Get vaccinated or get COVID

Berlin Germany’s health minister said, on Monday, that the rapid rise in coronavirus cases means that it is likely that every person in the country who has not been vaccinated will have contracted COVID-19 by the end of winter – and some of those are dying.

Official figures showed there were more than 30,000 newly confirmed cases in Germany in the past 24 hours – an increase of nearly 50% compared to last week. Hospitals have warned that the intensive care unit’s capabilities are running low, with some patients having to be transferred to other remote clinics.

Health Minister Jens Spahn urged Germans to get vaccinated, including a booster if the first round of vaccination occurred more than six months ago, to reduce the risk of serious illness.

“By the end of this winter, almost everyone in Germany (…) will have been vaccinated, recovered or died,” Spahn told reporters in Berlin.

He admitted that some described this view as sarcastic. “But it is the truth. With the highly contagious delta variant, this is very likely, which is why we recommend vaccination urgently,” Spahn said.


He said Germany expects the European Union to approve vaccines against COVID-19 for children aged 5-11 at the end of the week. School-age children are among the highest infection rates in the country.

Spahn said the European Union will begin shipping the modified vaccines for younger children on December 20, with Germany initially receiving 2.4 million doses.

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