Germany’s Green Party says deal is ready for 3-party alliance

Germany’s Green Party says deal is ready for 3-party alliance

Berlin – Greens, an environmental defender, said in a statement that the three parties negotiating to form the next German government will finalize and present their coalition agreement on Wednesday.

The center-left Social Democrats have been negotiating with the pro-business Greens and Liberal Democrats since they narrowly won the national elections on September 26.

If party members agree to such an alliance in the coming weeks, the tripartite alliance will replace the current grand coalition of Social Democrats and outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats.

Merkel, who has not run for a fifth term, is likely to succeed incumbent Finance Minister Olaf Schulz of the Social Democrats.

Negotiations on the unprecedented Triple Alliance were harmonious and relatively quick compared to previous coalition talks. But the political transition – with Merkel in a temporary position – has hampered Germany’s response to the latest spike in coronavirus cases.


Few details emerged from the closed-door talks, including how the parties divided up portfolios.

An initial agreement last month suggested Germany would bring forward the deadline for ending coal-fueled power from 2038 to 2030, while expanding the deployment of renewable power generation.

At the insistence of the Liberal Democrats, potential partners said they would not raise taxes or loosen restrictions on debt accumulation, making financing a central issue.

Merkel’s centre-right Christian Democrats are currently preoccupied with a leadership contest over who will become their next leader and revive the party’s fortunes after suffering its worst-ever election result.

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