Florida family faces fine for early Christmas lights show as Mariah Carey tweets support

Florida family faces fine for early Christmas lights show as Mariah Carey tweets support

A Florida family abused the rules of the Grinch by putting on their Christmas lights too early.

NBC affiliate WFLA reports that the Moffa family hired a company to decorate the yard of their Tampa home on November 6.

Days later, they received a letter informing them that they now face a fine for violating the HOA.

The letter stated that if they did not remove the lights, they could face fines of $100 per day, up to $1,000. Michael Moffa said he has no plans to remove the spotlight.

“That was their only availability, and I can’t go up on the roof myself,” he told the TV station, adding that he didn’t know putting Christmas lights on before Thanksgiving was against the rules.

“The holidays and the pandemic, I think kids want something a little brighter to look at,” he added.

“I’m like, ‘Are you kidding me?'” “It’s the Christmas lights,” he said. Washington Post. I wouldn’t remove it, even if the instructions say I put it in too soon. It all seems so cute and for them to be a Grinch like that, no one has heard of it.”

The Westchase Community Association’s attorney said a neighbor complained about the show.

Which led to the matter being investigated by the community manager,” Jonathan Ellis told WFLA.

“One of the things they stop them is from the person who lights up the holiday year-round or things like that.”

“The association has not imposed a fine and there has been no decision as to whether to impose a fine for Mr. Mova’s non-compliance with the association’s rules regarding holiday decorations,” he said.

Mr Ellis said the rules are in place to be followed, but said the council was open to discussing changes.

Mr. Mova says the association did not even receive after they offered to keep the lights out until Thanksgiving.

While the annual debate over the early timing of Christmas decorations continues, Moffa received some support from singer Mariah Carey who almost eclipsed her broader music career with the massive success of the 1994 holiday song “All I Want For Christmas Is You”.

The star tweeted: “Personally I’d rather wait until after Thanksgiving but no organized celebration!!!”

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