FHP conducts alcoholic wolf operation during Thanksgiving holiday

FHP conducts alcoholic wolf operation during Thanksgiving holiday

Jacksonville, Florida. The National Safety Council estimates that at least 515 people across the United States will die on the roads over Thanksgiving weekend.

This is why the Florida Highway Patrol is going out in full force, cracking down on drunk drivers. Soldiers will conduct Operation DUI wolfpack.

“With all of this advanced warning, for all these people, Ubers and taxi services out there, we still have problems with drunk driving on the road,” Officer Dalton Bishop said. “It’s an issue that can be prevented.”

Every year, Bishop says, it’s never going to be easy, especially when he and his fellow soldiers have to notify families that their loved ones have just died in a crash.

“It’s tough and emotional, especially now with Thanksgiving tomorrow and Christmas just around the corner,” Bishop said.

News4Jax toured with Bishop on Wednesday night, and no driver has been spotted showing signs of weakness. However, we did spot a woman who was changing lanes without using a turn signal.


Bishop spoke to the driver, filled her license and everything came back clean. Bishop issues her a warning, reminding her that she is safe on the road.

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