Cars line up as holiday decorations that light up homes on Gervin Road

Cars line up as holiday decorations that light up homes on Gervin Road

Jacksonville, Florida. One of the biggest Christmas lights shows in the Jacksonville area is back again.

On a Friday night, car after car could be seen lining up along Gervin Road to check out the thousands of lights and decorations. People can drive into the neighborhood at no cost between now and the New Year to look at the holiday deals in the Black Hawk subdivision.

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It’s a holiday tradition for many, like the Cox family.

“We’ve been doing this every year since we moved here from Chicago,” Jane Cox said.

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This year, they brought their neighbors with them on the trip.

“We all went out and had our candy cane — party, listen to music, and we just love it,” Cox said.

Homeowners, like Casey Jones, along Jervin Road — are doing their best.

“We got just over 40,000 (lights) in our small front yard,” Jones said.

He says smiles from both kids and adults make the many weeks of work totally worth it.

“Just to see their facial expressions and hear everyone say thank you for doing that,” Jones said. “And it’s great to do that.”

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