Buying a Christmas tree? Local and national sellers say act soon

Buying a Christmas tree?  Local and national sellers say act soon

Jacksonville, Florida. – Do you need a Christmas tree? Well, don’t wait for Santa.

Fewer trees are available this holiday season due to supply chain issues.

The Assumption Catholic Church on Atlantic Street opened its plot yesterday and is selling out fast.

“We have 230 trees on Monday. We opened our doors for sale yesterday morning, and fell about half of the trees we started with,” said Bruce Crichton, Ascension Catholic Church.

“It’s kind of crazy how fast they are,” said Lewis Lawrence, Assumption Catholic Church.

The demand for Christmas trees has skyrocketed since the pandemic.

Even major retailers like Costco are facing implications and are urging customers not to wait to buy, according to the American Christmas Tree Association.

The Consumer Tree Association warned in October that this year’s supply of real Christmas trees had been curtailed by the Pacific Northwest’s summer heat dome and that supplies of artificial trees, largely coming from China, would be affected by worsening global shipping and labor problems.


Christmas trees can cost 10-30% more this year than in previous years.

If you still need a Christmas tree, there is still time, but it is better to buy it as soon as possible rather than later. For local popups like Virgin Catholic Church,

“We came here yesterday morning when the lottery opened our tree and it is already ready. David Kratom, one of the clients said.

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