Brian Adams tests positive for coronavirus in Italy

Brian Adams tests positive for coronavirus in Italy

Milan “Brian Adams tested positive for COVID-19 upon arrival at Milan’s Malpensa Airport on Thursday, before revealing the 2022 Pirelli calendar he photographed.

The Canadian cylinder revealed the positive test in an Instagram post that included a picture of him in a room after being tested and then sitting in an ambulance, being taken for a more reliable PCR test. He was sitting normally and wearing a surgical mask.

“I’m here, just arrived in Milan, and tested positive for Covid for the second time in a month,” Adams said in the post. “So I’m going to the hospital for me.” He thanked fans for their support.

Adams, who also has a career as a photographer, shot the 2022 Pirelli calendar, having initially been engaged to shoot the 2021 edition that was canceled due to the pandemic. Adams was expected to appear at in-person press events to promote the calendar on Sunday and Monday, but that is now uncertain.


The unveiling of the Pirelli calendar is usually a festive event attended by those who appear and other VIPs, but this year it has already been an event curtailed by the ongoing pandemic, with a narrow guest list for an evening cocktail.

Adams chose other musical talents as his subjects for his “On the Road” calendar, including Iggy Pop, Cher, Jennifer Hudson, Sweety, and St. Vincent.

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