Ahmed Arbery’s mother thanks God her supporters after guilty verdicts

Ahmed Arbery’s mother thanks God her supporters after guilty verdicts

Brunswick, J.A.; – In the wake of the three men’s convictions in Georgia for the death of Ahmud Arbery, Arbery’s parents walked out of the courtroom with his hands held high.

They were greeted by a large group of jubilant fans who were also celebrating the verdict handed down by the jury on Wednesday afternoon.

Arbery’s mother Wanda Cooper-Jones thanked supporters when she addressed them and the media.

It was a long battle. It was a tough fight, said Cooper-Jones, but God is good. “To tell you the truth, I didn’t see this day in 2020. I didn’t expect this day to come, but God is good. And I just want to tell everyone, Thank you. Thank you for those who walked…Most of those who prayed. Thank you. Now Quiz” – whom you know as Ahmed, and I know him as “Quiz” – will now rest in peace.”


Cooper Jones was flanked by Arbery’s father, Marcus Arbery Sr., as well as Reverend Al Sharpton and family attorney Benjamin Crump and Lee Merritt.

“Let us thank all the people who believed, and let us more than anything else thank Ahmed’s mother and father,” Sharpton said. “They have lost a son but their son will go down in history as a son who proved that if you upheld this justice can be done.”

After deliberating about 10 hours over two days, the jury in the case against three white men accused of murder in the death of Ahmed Arbery returned with a ruling Wednesday afternoon, finding the shooter, Travis McMichael, guilty of premeditated murder and eight others. calculated against him.

Greg, Travis McMichael’s father, was convicted on eight of the nine charges against him, and William “Rudy” Bryan was convicted on all but three of the charges.

As the judge read the first guilty verdict out loud, Cooper-Jones cried while Sharpton held her hand. Marcus Arbery jumped up at the same moment and exclaimed. The judge asked the sheriff’s deputies to remove him from the courtroom due to anger.


“It’s been a long time,” Marcus Arbery said as he left the room.

Cheers could be heard from the corridors inside the courtroom and the atmosphere outside the courtroom was jubilant, as Black Lives Matter flags waved and supporters cheered.

“Let the word spread around the world that a jury of 11 whites and one black in the Deep South, stood in the courtroom and said black lives matter,” Sharpton said.

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