A woman launches an app for people who don’t have sex

A woman launches an app for people who don’t have sex

An American woman created an app for people who don’t have sex.

Dubbed “The Sexless Tribe,” the app was launched by Shakya Seabrook, 33, in an effort to help a community she believes is “underrepresented” in mainstream culture.

Although the app is still in beta mode, Seabrook, who is from Tampa, Florida, says the app has already been downloaded more than 8,000 times.

“I can remember 13 years ago while making the decision,” she says of her reasons for pledging to abstain from sex.

“I don’t know why I made that decision at age 13, but as I got older, seeing how casual sex happens, I didn’t want it. It didn’t look very special and interesting.”

Despite having Christian beliefs, Seabrook adds that her abstinence from sex is not entirely related to her religion and that its application is not exclusive to Christians either.

“Everyone is welcome,” she says. “I didn’t create it just for Christians, I made it for anyone who lives that lifestyle.”

Speaking about abstinence in general, Seabrook says, “This lifestyle is not talked about enough. It’s not visible enough.”

“There isn’t enough space for people to come together and get the help they want to succeed in living this lifestyle, so I took on the challenge.”

There are already more than 8000 users on the app.

(The Sexless Tribe/SWNS)

The app appeared in September 2020 after Seabrook realized the need for an online space to serve its community.

Today it consists of two parts: a community space where users can interact with each other, similar to a dating app, and a resource space filled with articles on abstinence.

“There are events hosted in the app every month via Zoom,” Seabrook adds. “Every day they get an encouraging quote on their phone, and they get a late night check-in just to be held accountable.

“I tell them at night maybe you have a little itching, maybe you need to go on the app and listen to a song or a video or a podcast.”

Seabrook adds that she holds no judgment against people who do not choose to abstain.

“I feel that in order to make an informed decision about anything, you have to be aware of all the options and I think the time we live in there is only one option that gets pushed and that is sex,” she says.

“If people choose to do this, I have nothing to say about it, I think we are doing the youth a disservice. When I was 13, I needed to know that living an abstinent lifestyle is achievable and done.

“I just love being able to let people see that there’s a different choice and really give a new face and voice to what it’s like to live with abstinence.”

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