Gabi Pettito: FBI and Florida Police Search for 25,000-Acre Reserve by Brian Laundry

Gabi Pettito: FBI and Florida Police Search for 25,000-Acre Reserve by Brian Laundry

Police in Florida are searching a 24,565-acre park for Brian Laundry, the missing fiancé of YouTuber Gabe Pettito.

The FBI helps search for Carlton Reserve outside Northport.

Laundry’s family told police they believe he entered the area earlier this week and has not seen him since Tuesday.

North Port Police announced the search in a tweet Saturday morning.

The Carlton Reserve is home to feral pigs, alligators, and leopards, and has 80 miles of hiking trails. A warning on the park’s website states that most trails are currently under water.

Mr Laundry, who was named a VIP after his fiancée’s disappearance, had refused to speak to the police after returning alone from the couple’s road trip across the United States.

He has not been seen for several days, according to his lawyer, who told authorities that his family had not seen him since Tuesday.

“The Laundry family’s attorney called FBI investigators on Friday night, indicating that the family wanted to talk about their son’s disappearance. The family now claims they haven’t seen Bryan since Tuesday of this week,” North Port Police media officer Josh Taylor told New York Post.

In a statement posting a photo of Mr Laundry and requesting information on his whereabouts, the police said they are now conducting multiple missing persons investigations regarding Mr. Wanted for any crime.

“We understand the community’s frustration, and we are disappointed too,” the North Post Police Department said.

Mr. Laundry came home alone on 1 September from the couple’s cross-country truck trip. Her parents reported her missing 10 days later.

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