Florida GOP ‘Deprived of Finances’ after death of anti-Covid-19 bookkeeper

Florida GOP ‘Deprived of Finances’ after death of anti-Covid-19 bookkeeper

A county-wide chapter of the Florida Republican Party is facing financial chaos after its bookkeeper died of Covid-19 — after months of wrangling against mask mandates and so-called “Faucism”.

Greg Prentice, who worked as a Republican accountant for Hillsborough County, was known as an opponent of Covid-19 public health measures, regularly using social media to dismiss the importance of Covid restrictions while questioning the government’s true motives behind them. He died at Tampa General Hospital last week after contracting a severe case of the virus.

After his death, the county party’s executive committee submitted a document to the FEC stating that his death was causing problems for its ability to comply with financial disclosure laws.

“As a political party committee, we submit reports to the Federal Election Commission on a monthly basis,” the letter read. “For several years, we’ve been reporting electronically, and for over a year we’ve done this using software developed by one of our members, Gregg Prentice. Gregg’s software has transformed data from our Quickbooks accounting software to provide the information that the Friends of the Environment Center (FEC) needs.

“Unfortunately, Gregg died suddenly from Covid 19 on Saturday 11 September 2021. Gregg did not share the software and instructions for its use with our officers. We will have to enter the August data manually and, according to the information we received from our FEC analyst, Scott Bennett, we will likely have to Re-enter data from the first 7 months of 2021. We will struggle to get all of this properly entered by the September 20 deadline, but we will try to do so as hard as we can.”

According to local reports, members of Mr Prentice’s family have also tested positive for the virus.

Mr Prentice’s fellow local party member, Jason Kimball, posted on Facebook that “the media is enjoying the death of a beloved member of my community who spent the greater part of his time helping and guiding others” – and that “mRNA injection fanatics respond with misleading and hateful comments”. In a lengthy live broadcast, he criticized “vaccine fanatics”.

Kimball said the media is “essentially trying to say that this guy who wanted to end ‘Fuchsia’ ends up dying of Covid-19.” He then went on to provide an explanation about the supposedly illegal and deadly practices at Tampa General Hospital, which allegedly include doctors unnecessarily and dangerously intubating people without permission. He also warned people to stay away from Tampa General Hospital due to these alleged practices.

according to daily monsterKimball made similar statements at a public meeting of the City Council, seeing that his baseless allegations were shut down by a council member who described his comments as “dangerous” who advised people not to go to the hospital.

Florida has seen a decline in the number of Covid-19 hospital admissions in recent days, but the seven-day average number of deaths is still by far the highest it has reached since the start of the pandemic. As of September 19, the number is 353.

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