Anti-bullying organization helps kids through movies

Anti-bullying organization helps kids through movies

Florida — 20 percent of students ages 12 to 18 reported having experienced bullying, according to the National Center for Education.

An organization in Florida is taking a new look at anti-bullying – using movies and music videos to boost a child’s self-confidence.

The organization was called Karma at first, but Shawn Roberts, the founder of the organization, received a suggestion from a friend.

Roberts said, “He said why he said why don’t you call it AMRAK. I said, What is AMRAK. He said it’s karma written backwards.

Roberts uses actors who have been bullied themselves.

“Bringing individuals who have gone through tough things in their lives and turned into something positive, so I do that by making films and music videos and empowering people and letting them use their talents to be better and better,” he said.

The Jones family became involved with AMRAK. Yvette Jones, representative of AMRAK, said she didn’t realize her children were being bullied at first. I soon realized that the entertainment industry was bullying them.

“They were bullied in the industry because they wanted to change their ideas and the way they compose music, the way they dance and how they value life. And in fact, I realized that as a mother, I could also be a bully through my words and my actions with my kids,” Jones said.

Jones said AMRAK helped her change for the better.

“A lot of campaigners will say, ‘Stop doing this and don’t do this,'” she said, “but it really doesn’t teach you how to change your life.”

She said it takes practice.

“I have to constantly re-talk and refocus myself and sometimes I’m apologizing and saying you know what I have to do more. Well, because I didn’t like the way it seemed, you know, coincidentally, I could have done better,” Jones said.

That’s why Robert created AMRAK. He wants people to look in the mirror.

“We’re always looking for others to make the change happen, but it takes normal people to make that change, and if you look at the people who were really successful or big, they were normal differences between people, they made the decision to make things happen,” he said.

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